Ponte di Legno is situated in the heart of the Alps between two of the biggest and most important Alps massifs: on one side the Ortles-Cevedale, on the other the Adamello-Presanella. The uncontaminated nature and the magic of the peaks make this resort fascinating and offer to all mountain lovers the vaste silence and the beauty of these places.

Ponte di Legno is in Val Camonica, one of the largest valleys, surrounded by the Adamello glaciers and the waters of Iseo lake. The most ancient civilization of this valley is called Camuna: the rock paintings in Capo di Ponte, 40 Km from Ponte di Legno, show an active prehistoric settlement.

Ponte di Legno-Tonale has always been considered a very important resort for the mountain tourism both in winter and in summer. The skiing district is covered with a thick net of modern climbing systems and ski slopes of different levels. Most of them are provided with artificial snow and it is possible to use them with the same Adamello Skipass. They are situated in different areas: through the woods overlooking the Residence the ski slopes of Tonale allow you to ski freely along all the slopes, whereas those of Glacier Presena give you the possibility to practise summer skiing up to 3000 mt.

Ski Area Pontedilegno Tonale

Ponte di Legno is not only skiing. The natural parks of Stelvio and Adamello offer the best to people who love climbing or, simply, walking and getting away from the stressful cities, in an uncontaminated environment with rich flora and fauna. It is also very easy to make daily trips to tourist destinations such as Livigno, St. Moritz, Madonna di Campiglio.

Ponte di Legno